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Do you want access to a creative business coach all day?

You can have a full day of access to personalized coaching.

How does it work?

You sign up for a day of coaching with us from 10am-9pm UK time

We chat on the free Voxer app which is like a walkie-talkie

Throughout the day we send messages back and forth as you ask questions and we share insight and wisdom on growing your creative business.

You don't have to block off your whole day as we can send messages abck and forth as you do other things in your day.

ASK ANYTHING! You can ask questions from marketing to product development to understanding your purpose in your business. We're here to answer anything and help guide you to grow your business and creativity.

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Hi, we're Maya and Patrick

We've been in business for over 14 years with a variety of experience from freelance, art focused products, photogprahy and teaching.

We wake up each day knowing our why behind what we do. It doesn't make the days go perfectly, but it gives us a reason to push through the hard bits and see the joy in our creative purpose being lived out.

We love helping others find this same kind of joy in their business and creativity. We know it's possible and we want to help you.

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Our Experience

Patrick’s illustration and design work has been featured in the Bear Grylls Soul Fuel for Young Explorers book, She Reads Truth Bible, Bible Society UK, HP Sprocket, 40 Acts, and Barnabas Clothing Co. You can buy some of Laurent Collective’s greeting cards in Trader Joe’s in the United States.

Maya has a background in public relations and marketing. She worked in marketing for several years before starting her photography business. Maya quickly scaled her photography business with the use of relationship building and unique ways to connect with clients. She then transitioned to helping run Laurent Collective as the business manager and marketing specialist, which is what she continues to do today.

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Once you sign up, you will be sent an email to sign up for a date for your coaching day.

You get two coaches for the WHOLE day to ask your questions and seek wisdom and advice.

You might have some questions.

Let's also some commmon qusetions for you.

What are the hours of access?

You have us for the whole day which means you have time to process what you're learning and ask follow-up questions too.

How do I know what to ask?

Spend some time ahead of the day to send us a message and think about the biggest challenges you face in your business and what areas you'd like to grow. This will help us prepare for the day with you. We'll also send you a questionaire to help us know you more beforehand.

How do timezones work?

We are on UK time, BST timezone. The messaging time is from 11am-10pm BST.
This means you have access to us for several hours no matter what timezone you are in.

How does the day look?

The Voxer app enables us to go back and forth in the conversation. This means you do not have to block off the whole day for this but can do other things and jump back into the conversation and listen to a recording we have sent.
You might want to have a way to take notes or you can come back to the recordings another day to write out notes and action items.

Do you have another question?

If we didn't answer your question here, pop us an email at

60 Day Guarantee

There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you decide the course is not a good fit in helping you discover purpose in your creativity.



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